To the Trade

Designers Welcome!  Are you looking for that perfect accessory for your upcoming shoot?  Or maybe that very special piece of french glassware to add a finishing touch for your client.  I love working with designers and stylists!  While I specialize in mostly table top items, you can find some amazing home accessories and furniture items on my site as well.

Trade Member Benefits:

Discounts – Discounts with no minimum purchases.  All items on my website are eligible for a trade discount.

Hold Items – Why yes, I will hold an item for you while you gain client approval!  If required, you may take an item to the clients home for viewing and approval.

Install Day/Photo Shoot Day Support – Local to Chicagoland?  We all know you can never have enough hands on Installation Day or Photo Shoot Day.  I offer my time by the hour during these days when it just seems like you can never have enough support.

Same Day Shipping – Need it now and local to Chicagoland?  Pending my schedule I can get it to you same day for a small fee.

Rental – Want that perfect blue Opaline glass for photo shoot day?  I will rent out most of the items you see on my website!

Sourcing – I love looking for that perfect item to complete your look.

Tax Exempt Purchasing- Nuff said!

Join Now!

Email the Following Items to [email protected]:

● A copy of your Business or Resale License

● Business card with your design profession

Once received and approved you will receive a code to use at check out every time you purchase.  I will also include hourly rates and shipping rates for services described above.